About Me

Dad and boys above Dead Man's Beach

Hi! My name’s Matt, and I’ve been leading groups of children on fun, educational excursions for years, and have an intimate knowledge of the area and its natural wonders. Do your kids spend too much time in front of screens? Would you like them to get out into the fresh air, get some exercise, and experience the natural world? My trips give kids a better understanding of the environment and provide them with an English-immersive experience.

They will learn: To identify and name birds, plants, trees, and much more. How to collect edible plants and fruits for infusions or eating on the spot. Where to look for certain types of animals, and how those animals fit into their ecosystem. Ways they can help the environment. Basic first aid and survival skills. And a whole lot more!

● Small, private groups
● English language practice
● Environmental education
● Reduced stress
● Increased environmental awareness and interest

mmtread@eco-excursions.com     +34 694 412 458