Bird Watching Day Trips to the Ebro Delta over Easter

You go to the Ebro delta for the birds. Lots of birds. Birds in numbers and diversity unlike anything you’re going to encounter in all but a couple of other places in the Western Mediterranean. There are about 600 species of birds in Europe – the Ebro delta holds roughly 350 of them.

We begin our day with me picking you up wherever you live or are staying, and we head to the delta. We leave the highway near the town of Ampolla, and the birding pretty much immediately begins. In the rice fields we’ll find little, cattle, and great egrets, gray herons, glossy ibis, and lots of smaller birds. We traverse the northern section of the delta, keeping our eyes peeled for birds of prey, including booted eagles and marsh harriers.

We’ll cross the Ebro river, then follow it until we reach Riet Vell, an organic rice cooperative that has a fascinating interpretive center and a lovely hide overlooking a lagoon. We may see flamingos, purple gallinule, avocets, and many other species here. You’ll also have a chance to buy some of the high-quality organic rice and other products that are produced here.

From there we’ll proceed to the lookout at La Tancada. Large numbers of flamingos sieve the water here, along with several species of ducks. Look to the sandy salt flats on the left for crested and other larks.

After a few minutes we hit the marshy coast, where we’ll look for redshanks, greenshanks and other waders, as well as more flamingos.

After a short drive we come to the village of Poble Nou del Delta, where we’ll stop for lunch at a restaurant that specializes in local delta cuisine, including paella and fideua cooked over an open wood fire.

Following lunch we take a short drive to a mirador overlooking a large lagoon where we stand a good chance of seeing great crested grebes, little grebes, pochards, marsh harriers, various ducks, and kingfishers. We’ll do a circuit of the lagoon, stopping here and there to visit viewing stands along the way.

Our route will take us to another mirador across from a local restaurant, and a short walk brings us to an area that is a roosting area for black crowned night herons. Stonechat, bluethroat, and other small birds are often seen here.

From there we’ll head back to the coast and look for waders, herons, osprey, and many other species.

We end our day by driving back through the rice fields of the delta, loaded with various species of birds. Time allowing, we’ll make a final stop at the north coast of the delta before heading home.

The price for the full day is 45 Euros/person, including transportation. If you would like to have groups of more than 4 people, transport can be arranged.

The Ebro Delta makes for an incredible day trip, one that kids and adults will not soon forget. So grab your binoculars, a camera, and let’s get out there!


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